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For the industry in general, we manufacture polyurethane half-rounds in Monterrey; which are pipe supports that prevent corrosion and wear. Which in turn are capable of damping movements due to sudden changes in temperature and internal pressure; prolonging the life of the pipe.

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Polyurethane resin-based pipe support made from liquid urethane polymers which cures to a rubbery consistency to a solid compact and strong by the chemical reactions.
The characteristics that the "half reeds" have make them an excellent option for solve the problem of corrosion in the pipes (avoids galvanic couple).

D90 half-rounds, D95 half-rounds and D50D half-rounds are manufactured in the desired thickness and length, They can also be manufactured in different special hardnesses.

Main features

We have been in the market for more than 40 years, manufacturing half-rounds in Mexico and the United States for PEMEX-type pipes, etc.

  • Abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility.
  • Good aging qualities in heat, humidity and many other environments.
  • Chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, gases and high temperatures (120ºC continuously and up to 300ºC intermittently).
  • Dynamic properties, including low hysteresis and high resistance.
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The polymers we produce are in hardness ranges that go from 80 to 95 Shore "A" (30 to 50 Shore "D") when cured with 4.4´-methylene-bis-(orthochloroanilie) commonly called MOCHA.

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These special coatings reduce the corrosion of the pipes, and allow you to prolong their lifespan.

Half rounds are a support with elastoplastic characteristics, capable of withstanding sudden changes caused by the internal tension of the response to understanding.

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